Missed period.

Hello doctor. I’m 24 and my girlfriend is 22 years old, we had an unprotected sex but we are very sure that there was no chance of releasing my sperms inside her. all this happened 10 days before her period date and now her period is delayed by almost a week. it was supposed to be on 8th of January but today its already 15th . We are bit worried about it . She also suffered from severe cold as she went to other place. Can change of place and weather causes delay in period? I read somewhere that stress can also delay the period. Its about 15 days from now that we had sex but I’m 100% sure that┬ámy sperm didn’t go inside her . Please help me out of this, thank you.




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  1. Hello Suraj!
    As you said you had unprotected sex even if you had not released sperms she can get pregnant.So go for home pregnancy test. It will get clear with it.