Miscarriage due to high BP and hypothyroid.


I am 26 years old and have high BP and Hypothyroid.

I had a miscarriage due to high bp in my pregnancy 6 months ago.

Now again I have conceived, but I am worried. Please recommend how to control bp and

what precautions I should take to make sure I do not go through the same situation as

when I conceived earlier.

Thank you.

Miscarriage due to high BP and hypothyroid.
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    You have to closely monitor your bp regularly. Also talk to your doctor about blood tests to ensure everything is normal this time. Depending on your test reports and bp charting your doctor will decide whether its chronic hypertension or gestational and will start medicines accordingly .
    Regarding precautions you should strictly restrict salt intake, totally avoid any junk food and fatty food. In addition to this take healthy diet, and supplement it with regular supplements like iron, calcium, folic acid and proteins.
    Do not take tension, relax and nurture yourself to ensure a safe & happy pregnancy.

    You might find this blog also helpful: http://blog.medimetry.com/2015/03/17/high-blood-pressure-pregnancy/

    Hope this is helpful. Feel free to write back with a follow up question.