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    Causes of Fatty Liver:

    1) Obesity is the major reason for the fatty lever.
    2) High levels of fats in the blood
    3) Diabetes
    4) Genetic inheritance
    5) Rapid weight loss
    6) Side effect of certain medications, including aspirin, steroids etc
    7) excessive alcohol use
    8) High cholesterol
    9) Malnutrition

    How to treat Fatty acid:

    1) By avoiding alcoholic beverages
    2) Managing your cholesterol
    3) Controlling your blood sugar
    4) Losing weight
    5) By doing regular exercises.
    6) Eat only fresh fruits and raw vegetables and whole grain
    7) Stay away from Fried and fast food.
    8) Avoid use of too many medicines.
    9) Avoid eating too much warm food.

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