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I am 23 yr old female. I had unprotected sex 2.5mnths ago in March,my periods were just over but just for safe side I took an emergency contraceptive pill after an hour or two. After a week I got withdrawal bleeding that lasted for 5days.after that I didn’t get my periods. Did upt twice but was negative. My gyanae advised me to take meprate 10mg for 5days twice a day. I got my periods but they lasted for only 1day.i am really worried. Can emergency contraceptive make you infertile?

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  1. Emergency cotraceptive by itself don't causes infertility.How long you are married and do you have any child? Pl.get an USG lower abdomen for uterus and appendages done.
    Some sort of irregularitities in menstruation may occur following emergency contraception and on taking meprate.What was the interval between taking emergency contraceptive pill and Tab.Meprate?