Memory loss cognitive dysfuction

Hi sir or mam, My father aged 64 is suffering from above mentioned symptoms. As we are shown him to big specialists like dementia specialists. And they confirmed it Alzheimer’s PET scan and through symptoms. My question is there any medicines ayurveda at least to halt or postpone the final stage right now he is in moderate stage. Right now is locomotive organs are in good condition. Currently he is administered with fludac 20mg, admenta 10mg, then vit b12 injection. Is there any other medicine other than donepzil as it was given with the combination of piracetam in the first two years and this is the third year given the combination of fludac and admenta. Please help me, is there any other centres or medicines or any other help from your side waiting for your reply. Please help us.

Memory loss cognitive dysfuction
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    Pls someone suggest I'm waiting plss
  2. Hi. Thanks for your query.
    Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia. The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that can include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Suggestions and help may be given only by consulting physician, this could be a psychiatrist or mental health nurse, a clinical psychologist, occupational therapist or GP.
    Since your dad is already on medications, please do not alter or add or remove any medicines unless approved by your doctor.
    Alzheimer's is a chronic disease which may last for years or is lifelong. Right now there is no single cure, and the treatment is only aimed at temporarily alleviating the disease symptoms or slowing down disease progression.
    You may even approach Dementia Society in your neighbourhood as lots of activities, outings, meetings and discussions are held which are in best interest of dementia patients.

    Hope I answered your query.
    Please write back for further clarifications.

    Live healthy.
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    Thanks ma'am for ur gracious reply I need to know any organisation or society which may help in halting progression of disease for few years I know it is inevitable to become victimize to this disease I need any alz society in India if u know pls reply me
  4. Hi again Mayan. Please refer to my above consultation regarding Dementia or Alzheimer society. You may find it in your neighbourhood or in a city closest to you. You may check online or ask your friends or relatives for a good centre.
    Thanks for your kind words of praise to my consultation. Do write back to us.
    Live healthy.