Medicines side effects during pregnancy?

में 2 महिने से प्रेगनेंट हुं ,मेरे पेडू मे दर्द हो रहा है,
मे डॉक्टर के पास गई तो उन्होनें ये गोलियां दी
क्या इन गोलियो का कोई साइड इफेक्ट है,
प्लीज जरूर बताइये….
* disodium hydrogen citrate – syrup
* ofloxacin & ornidazole tablets
* pantoprozole & domperidone sustained release capsules
* aceclofenac & drotaverine tablets

plzzz doctor help me…and tell me what side effect these tablets during 2 months pragnency

plzzzz ans. me


Family Physician

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  1. Good evening and warm welcome to MediMetry.

    I would suggest you to stop these medications and consult with a local gynaecologist for a change in medication and for side effect profiling.

    Hope this helps.

    Live healthy.