Medicine for constipation and gas problem

Doctor, I am having constipation and gas problem with bloating from many days. I had the blood test in which all test were normal only alkylphosphate in Let test was quite more than normal range. I am having homeopathic medicine with no-593. Sometime my stool also floats on water. Please suggest some medicine from that very time I am having blimses on my nose also.


Medicine for constipation and gas problem
Family Physician

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    Stomach bloating is caused mainly because of air swallowing known as erophagia.

    The other causes are irritable bowel syndrome,dyspepsia, constipation ,celiac disease,sprue,bowel obstruction etc

    If you do regular exercises,then it will be useful to alleviate from the symptoms and still if you are having abdominal bloating or distension then u should start some medication like proton pump inhibitors,avoid excess carbohydrates and fatty foods, avoid oily and spicy foods.

    You should go to gastroenterologist who will take complete medical history with thoroughly clinical examination and can order investigation like complete hemogram,blood electrolytes, ultrasound of abdomen and upper GI scopy if required.

    The definitive treatment will depend upon the underlying cause.