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    There are various ways which helps in overcoming masturbation such as-
    1. You can opt for counseling and psychotherapies to get rid of over-masturbation habit.

    2. If you feel tempted towards the habit, decrease the temptation by focusing on your family, hobbies and other constructive things.

    3. Create new interests so that you hardly have time for masturbating.

    4. You can control over-masturbation by taking herbal pills like Shilajit etc.

    5. You can try the following home cures for over masturbation bad effects:

    a. Drinking glassful milk with 2-3 strands of saffron at bedtime can reverse the masturbation addiction.

    b. Intake of sunflower seeds, soybean products and peanuts can ward off the addiction.

    c. Ginger is an effective antioxidant. Consuming ginger in plenty improves your blood circulation and can check you from increasing temptation of masturbating.

    d. Drink cranberry juice and orange juice daily. They will supply vital nutrients to your body, thereby compensating the side-effects of over-masturbation like physical and sexual exhaustion.