hiii doctor, my friend doing hand job 20-24 time in a month, he was doing this for around last 3 years and His age is 24. How many time do masturbation is normal for a healthy boy?  What is the side effects and problems creates when do this many times?


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    the side effects of masturbation are -
    1) Masturbation uses up a lot of your energy.Weakness is a result of over masturbation.
    2)Men who masturbate too much and are addicted to the act
    3)Erectile Dysfunction is among the most prominent side effects of masturbating too much
    4)Neurological problems are closely related to excessive masturbation in men
    5)Excessive masturbation is linked with premature ejaculation
    6Too much masturbation can seriously affect your sex life
    7)Masturbating too much makes you feel drowsy very frequently
    8)Excessive masturbation causes hair loss in men
    9)Because of the release of excessive dopamine in the brain, over masturbation causes memory loss
    10)Men who masturbate too much will soon realize a decreased interest in sex. Masturbation decrease testosterone levels in the body
    11)Men who masturbate more than six to seven times a week tend to age faster.