Can use desi ghee as massage oil for strong bones ?

My daughter is 13 month old. She learnt to walk independently at 12 and half month for few min. Now she can walk but she falls easily if she tries to run. I feel she is trying to maintain balance but her grand mother says that she is week so she falls. So she should be massaged with dabur lal tel.
I do massage her using desi ghee and later coconut oil.
Is dabur lal tel really effective?

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.As an infant grows its natural to fall many times a day.You are already massaging baby,you may continue doing that.Dabur lal tail is good and safe you may use that if you want to.Give baby nutritious diet rich in proteins,vitamins and minerals like fruits,vegetables,milk,milk products and cereals.If baby is falling often or oversteps then there could be few possible reasons.Either baby is growing tall so he needs to miantain centre of balance,few babies at this age are far sighted or have vision problems.In that case an eye check up may be helpful.I hope this information helped you Keep us posted.Take care and regards.
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    Good morning doctor
    My daughter is doing well. Only thing that worries me is that she doesn't consume plain milk or milk shakes. Can i add bournvita or any other such powder in small amount. Coz that way she takes up. She will be 16 month on 2nd august.
  4. Hi you may use Pediasure in milk.Use it as directed.It is rich in all essential vitamins and minerals.Take care!