Lower back pain with knee joint pain

My mother is about 62 yrs old. She is suffering with low back pain near the buttacks and knee joint pain since 2 months. She also feels a burning sensation at the back. She also suffers with LBA since 3 yrs. So kindly guide me with proper guidance for the further treatment.
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  1. Hello,let us know whether she feels pain in both buttocks or one,undergone through any investigation like x ray or MRI .buttocks pain can be due to nerve compression whixh is referring to it or it may be due to muscle spasm also..
  2. She was having this problem from three years so is she taking any medicine or taken physiotherapy ever..she can take heat therapy over the affected area and apply some massage ..if pain is tolerable then continue exercises if she was doing it before ..Contact to your nearby physiotherapy centre so that therapist can give her proper treatment which may include short wave diatthermy,ultrasound,or IFT ..she can teach some exercises for back also..some does n donts she must follow like avoid long hour sitting,correct posture,avoid repeated forrward bending ..
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    S she has nerve compression Dr. Nousheen
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    She has gone under a treatment which is called weight in physiotherapy. Sometimes she has taken ultrasound treatment
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    She has pain just between the buttocks at the lower back
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    She has taken an x ray for knee joint. It reports as normal issue as the age. We haven't go for any MRI recently. It was taken just 3 yrs back
  7. OK she is feeling pain in tail bone I guess...she must continue back exercises ,for knee do quadriceps strengthening. Exercises ,avoid low sitting ,cross sitting ,stair climbing ...while sitting place cushion or soft stuff so that direct pressure will not come in the tail bone...Hope answered your query you can ask further ...have a nice day
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    Is it a severe issue? Will it need for any surgery?
  9. No its not compulsory that surgery should be done ask her to go for physio and continue exercise if pain continues then consult neurophysician ..
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    Sure. Thanks a lot
  11. You are most welcome