Lower back pain and muscle cramping.

Hello Doctor, I always had bone related problems. I also had acute periodic lower back right side muscle cramping. But 3 weeks ago. I asked my roommate to give back massage. I asked him to walk over by back. He did it several times and I could also hear little cracking sounds. I got addicted to it. After coming home from hostel within 1 week I started felling serious full spinal cord pain, mainly from lower back to middle. I am really depressed because of it. I can’t even walk for 5 minutes. It fells like my back is going to break, I need to take rest quickly. I am felling like my life has ended even before it started. Please help me what to do now? What kind of treatment I should take ?

Lower back pain and muscle cramping.

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  1. Hello Partha,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    The first and foremost thing that you must do without any delay is take an X Ray of your spine and if possible an MRI. It is very necessary to get an idea about your bones. Asking someone to walk on the back might have caused some fracture.Meanwhile take Divon plus twice daily to reduce pain.
    Please report soon.