Lower back pain

Can sleeping without a pillow and take hot water steam with a towel will help to reduce lower back pain? What can be the further treatment if my disc is bulging out because one of my disc was removed in a surgery before. Will this time also a surgery will be required? kindly suggest!


Lower back pain

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  1. Sleeping without pillow not much help you use thin pillow and for back pain use heating pad it will be easy to use...its. Not necessary that second time also surgery is important maintain strength of your muscles and do exercises..Hope you have consulted to the physiotherapist for proper exercise training..
  2. Spinal problem is such a thing that if you use too many pillow that will lead to pain and if you do not use pillow also leads to pain.so idealy cervical pillow is best option.Always prefer for moist heat as you are doing because dry heat may lead to dehydration and more pain.For prolapse disc is there no problem sensation or muscle weakness than probably surgery is not required.you can try spinal extension exercises ,back strengthening exercises.Lumbar traction also helps.consult Physiotherapist for detailed examination.
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    Sir if disk is bulging too much then will it be necessery surgery or any other line of treatment is their. If another disk is removed will i be able to live a normal healthy life as it can effect by day to day working by imposing limitation on my physical day to day activity.

    Thanks a lot sir.

    Thank you mam.
  4. Have you gone through MRI ?surgery is occasionally required when your pain does not settle with a conservative (non-operative) approach.

    Persisting symptoms over six months may require the attention of a surgeon who specialises in treating back pain and sciatica. If you have some severe symptoms such as bowel or bladder dysfunction or extreme muscle weakness you may require emergency surgery.
    In case you have to go for surgery consult to the physiotherapist also for proper training program so that he can give you proper protocol ..some do's and dont's you have to follow always like weight bearing ,bending