lower abdominal pain..tightness in lower abdomen….anorexia

I am 22 year old boy.I have a abdominal pain..when I do eating food ..I do normal but after eating food I have do serious lower abdominal pain..I need gastric treatment .I taking gastroenterologist treatment but I have no any affect of pain so plz tell me that what I do for it?what I should for it?


Family Physician

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  1. Hello.
    Thanks for your query, based on the facts that you have posted it appears that you have pain in lower abdomen.

    I shall be happy if you can post me few more details to help me in making comments on your problem.
    1)Do you have fever associated with pain?
    2) Do you have vomiting?
    3) Are you loosing your weight?
    4) Do you have any urinary symptoms or bowel symptoms?

    Please consult qualified General Surgeon for clinical examination and get following basic tests done to confirm the diagnosis.
    1) Routine urine test and culture 
    2) Ultrasound scanning of the abdomen.
    3)Stool Examination
    He will decide regarding any additional tests depending upon clinical findings .

    Further treatment will depend upon results of these tests and final diagnosis.

    Hope I have answered your query ,please feel free to ask if you have more questions ,
    I shall be happy to help you .
    Thanks and Regards.