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  1. Thanks for writing to us.Please let me know the nature of pain with radiation if any

    During pregnancy there is sublaxation of joints resulting in lordosis.If after deliver one does not take proper rest then the changes that occur in the intervertebral space fails to return to normalcy causing pain.
    Since you have two children and the gap between the two is less
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    ..there is more chance of pain.Pain might be due to PIVD as well.Pl.let me know if you have associated numbness in feet or tingling sensations.
    Please get an X-Ray Lumbo Sacral spine AP and Lat view done an USG whole abdomen as well.Get urine routine and blood for Haematocrit and PPsugar examined.
    In the meantime don't lift heavy objects lie down on hard bed.
    For relief you can take Tab.Crocine 1tab sos.
    Best wishes.

    Lower abdominal pain might be due to Pelvic Inflammatory disease or UTI or if one had C section pain might be due to intraperitoneal adhesions.