Low sugar levels in pregnancy.

Hello I am 36 weeks pregnant. Just got few diagnostics done. Post sugar value is 85. It should be between 110 to 160.I have low sugar levels in 36 weeks of pregnancy. Found albumin positive in my urine examination. Is it okay. What could be the reason and how to overcome it. Would be helpful i if you could advise ASAP as I am in high stressed looking at the values.


Low sugar levels in pregnancy.
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  1. Simple sugars cause a spike in you sugar and make your body produce more insulin. Sometimes your body overreacts which is what causes the blood sugar drops. The best thing is to aviod simple sugars (potatoes, corn, candy, coke, etc.) and stick to protein and complex carbs (whole grain bread, rice, etc.). Caffeine will cause low blood sugar and should be avoided. Eat small meals and if your blood sugar drops below 70 you should eat something high in protein and carbs to get it up..
    The diagnosis of Albumin in urine( proteinuria) be based on the 24-hour urine collection. Preeclampsia is the leading diagnosis that must be excluded in all women with proteinuria first identified after 20 weeks of gestation. Hypertension or proteinuria may be absent in 10-15% of patients with HELLP syndrome and in eclampsia. The acute onset of proteinuria and worsening hypertension in women with chronic hypertension is suggestive of superimposed preeclampsia, which increases adverse outcomes. Consult your Gynaecologist/Endocrinologist for further advice.