Low sex drive.

Hello doctor,

I am have low sex drive. My partner always attract me for sex but i am  not having feelings for sex…i only  feel urge  for sex twice weekly..some times when we doing  sex at that time i feel that my penis size is too small…why???

Low sex drive.

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  1. Hello darshan,
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    Loss of libido (sex drive) is a very common problem that affects many men . It's often linked to relationship issues, stress or tiredness, but can also be a sign of an underlying medical problem, such as reduced hormone levels. A low libido can be the result of: being in a long-term relationship and becoming so over familiar with your partner that you lose sexual attraction .If you have unresolved conflict and usually have frequent arguments or there is poor communication and have difficulty in trusting each other .Also if you have long-term medical condition which can also affect your sex drive. .A low sexual drive can be associated with: heart disease ,diabetes , hypothyroidism ,cancer or had major surgery .There are some natural lifestyle measures which help to improve blood flow to penis and overall sexual performance.

    - The most important factor is healthy heart. Blood is pumped in to body by heart. So regular exercise and avoidance of fatty fast food are important measures to prevent heart disease. Regular walking, swimming or running overall improves blood flow to whole body circulation including penis and keep the mind fresh.

    - Good healthy food is also an important aspect. Bananas, Garlic, dry fruits(they contains vitamins), eggs, cow milk, cow butter are good food which may help in erectile dysfunction.

    - Avoid smoking and alcohol. Low amount of alcohol can help in increasing blood flow but more amount can cause opposite effects. So better to avoid the same.
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