Low platelet count- What can be the reason and how to increase?

My platelets is 82000 in my cbc report . I have typhoid 1:80 and 1:160. Paracetamol tablet isn’t working . Doctor has prescribed taximo 200. What is cause of low platelets? Doctor is advising me to get admit. Is there any way to improve my platelets as well as health? Please answer me of all questions above.

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    Causes of low platelet could be haematological disorder or dengue.
    Kindly share all your reports that you have with you so that I may guide you further.

  2. Dear Arun, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744, also please mention the name of Dr Surbhi as well as your name.
    Thank You!
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    Haemoglobin-15.5 g/dl
    R.b.c -4.4 M./mm
    P.C.V -43.6%
    Mean Corp. Volume-98.6 FI
    M.C.H- 35.1
    Platelets count-82000
    W.B.C-4800 m/mm

    Monocyte,eosinophil,basophil are normal

    MP -not seen

    SERUM CREATININE - 1.33 mg/dl

    S typh. O - 1:160
    S typh H - 1:80
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    I have also send the report in whatsapp.
  5. You need further evaluation by a physician who on examination can check for spleenomegaly and tests like peripheral smear and bone marrow examination to know the cause of low platelet count.
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    It can be due to viral infection or typhoid.
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    Is Taxim o 200 tablet enough for typhoid ?
  8. Yes, it is effective in typhoid.