Low Neutrophils and high Lymphocytes . Advise ?

Neutrophils have gone down to 34% and Lymphocytes have elevated to 60%. This condition persists in alternate month. Get a body ache, weakness, fatigue and feverish feeling. Taking Eritel 40 LN for bp. However during this infection bp stays up in a range of 150-160 / 90-100


Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
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    Thanks for the query.

    I have read your query in detail and it is suggestive of chronic disease.
    Kindly upload all your reports so that I may guide you further.

  2. Dear John, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744, also please mention the name of Dr Surbhi as well as your name.
    Thank You!
  3. User
    Hi, already shared the reports on given whatsapp number. Kindly check and confirm.
  4. Please let me know if you have any symptoms like cough or weight loss?
  5. User
    Cough is there. No weight loss.
  6. Kindly get your sputum examination and xray chest pa view done and revert.