Low grade fever since 1 month.

Hello doctor, I am male aged 24 and i am having feeling low grade fever and cough from last 1 month that’s why now  i am feeling very tired. I had already visited three doctor including a chest specialist. My Tb test is negative.And  mantoux test is negative . Sputum Afb test is  also negative . Pft test is also normal. X ray is normal. No weight loss. Ct chest is normal.I am  taking medicines from last one month but there is  no improvement. Now from  the last week my cough is decreasing slowly but still feeling heaviness in chest and low grade fever and fatigue. I had  these medicines  with doctor advice . 1) m Lucus 2) Maxiflo inhaler 3) Percin 600 4) allegra 120 5) Nimulid Hf 6) pantocid. In last November 2015 I had some shortness of breath with night fever for 15 days and it was treated by Montair Lcz, pantocid, B complex. Kindly advise.

Low grade fever since 1 month.
Family Physician

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    What is the temperature?Do you have any other symptoms other cough and cold?Is there any burning sensation while passing urine?Did you had loose stools or abdomen pain?Please monitor temperature regularly .Record your temperature for a week. Have plenty of fluids, fruits, green vegetable and do regular exercise. Temperature should be recorded four times day and if fever specially above 100 then get investigated for fever like typhoid, malaria and urine infection.Make a temperature chart 4 hourly. Eat Light meals at regular intervals. Plenty of fluid intake. You can take tablet Paracetamol 650 mg SOS after food.
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