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  1. Hi Mr Agarwal. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.

    Regarding your diabetes, are you on any medications, and if yes, has the reports improved post that treatment?
    If yes then, besides continuing with the medications, I would like to suggest lifestyle modification changes like diet control, regular exercise, good night sleep, stress management by yoga or meditation of your choice.

    With respect to your bowel issues, please do let me know if the problem faced by you is of a continous or intermittent nature, if any particular foods, emotions, medications tend to aggravate it, any history of bowel disorders in immediate family, etc. Also do mention about laxative overuse or any trauma or surgery in the past.
    You may approach a General Surgeon for any further assessment or examination regarding your bowel habits.
    Please do reply to us here below.
    Live healthy.
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    Yes i take some medicine are there these are pressolar, voglinorm 0.3,glucored forte ,galves 50 mg nitrilix nitrocontin 2.6 , alprax .25, tonact ASP
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    And i am full diet control, regularly exercising , good night sleeping and do yoga and i have problem continuously please suggest me that which types of testing me about bowel
  4. Hi. Yes I have read your case in detail and will try to help you in the best possible way that I can.
    For bowel testing, you may have to approach either a proctologist or a general surgery doctor. This doctor would first understand your complete history, past and family history, and conduct a general examination which includes a Rectal Examination and then refer you, if need be, for some imaging techniques.
    Also certain blood tests may be advised.

    Hope this answers your query on bowel tests. Do write back for further clarifications.
    Live healthy!