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    weight gain is very common in hypothyroidism.
    You may start with brisk walking for 20 minutes daily and gradually increase it to 45 minutes daily.

    Try oats, muesli, brown bread,egg whites for breakfast.

    Lunch should be a complete meal with no ghee on rotis. Dinner can be soup, veggies with roti, dalia(broken wheat), dal roti.
    Do not be on empty stomach for more than 2 hours during day time or the time you are awake.
    Take light snacks, fruits, juices, shakes in between your meals.Else your metabolism can slow down.
    Please tell me how much thyroxine are you taking and medicine details

    Not eating for long periods or being on empty stomach could slow down metabolism and potentially increase weight.Already hypothyroidism itself slows down metabolism. So do not fast but eat little meals.

    Definitely you will lose weight if you follow this.
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