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    There is link between physical activity and uterine contractions for mothers at risk for preterm birth. If you have risk factors for preterm birth, limiting your activity may be a must. If you limit your activity and get enough rest, you may be able to avoid being on bed rest. Standing / sitting for long time increases the pressure on the blood vessels because the weight of the uterus and your baby is resting on your pelvis. As the blood vessels compress, it becomes hard for the blood from the lower part of your body to return to your heart. This congestion of blood in your lower body can cause your uterus to contract.If you keep standing / sitting once contractions begin, the contractions can become regular. Contractions that become regular can lead to preterm labor. As contractions become regular, the cervix begins to thin out and open.
    Weight put on by you during pregnancy doesn't have much effect on cervix.

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