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    As the Gleason's score approaches 7 or higher, the risk of prostate cancer spreading outside of the prostate is high. Thus, the patient may have to have a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis, as well as a bone scan to make sure there is no evidence of metastatic disease.
    Once prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate, survival rates fall. For men with distant spread (metastasis) of prostate cancer, about one-third will survive for five years after diagnosis.
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    Is there any medicine to stop growth of prostate cancer after testis removel ? , also can PSA increase after one month from 7.68 to 9.08.
  3. Treatment depends on stage of cancer.
    Various modalities like hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are available.
    You need to coordinate with an oncologist, get CT scan done and then start proper treatment.