Having less interest in food?

Hello doctor, I am 26 years old. my weight is 47 kg. I have lack of  blood. I have allergy and breathing problem. I am not able to eat food. I feel hungry always. but if started to eat food , then I feel vomiting and lazy to eat. i can’t eat food properly,  have less interest in food. over 18 years I am very thin. Please provide me some precautions.




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  1. Hello Siyas,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Having low appitite and inability to eat inspite of feeling hungry points majorly towards worm infection or thyroid. You can take a anti helmenthic course of tablets and in the mean time also get your thyroid levels checked.
    Meanwhile can you please tell me if your bowels are getting cleared? Also is either of your parent a known case of thyroid or underweight.
  2. Hello. Welcome to Medimetry. Your problem needs medical as well as nutritional solution. Avoid hard digesting foods like dryfruits, milk, sprouts, non veg. Avoid spicy, deep fried and junk foods. Not gaining weight and your allergy problem has weakened your immune system over a long time. Get started with easy digesting foods like rice, potato, curd, cooked veggies etc to provide energy to your body. Let the energy levels stabilize first. Then slowly it will help you gain weight. Not eating for long hours will affect your stomach acids. So eat frequently with above mentioned restrictions. You can further contact us for a detailed diet plan to let not affect your health more. Kindly feel free to contact in case of any more queries.