Less cervix length in pregnancy

Hi doctor, I’m 16 weeks pregnant. The cervix length in pregnancy measures as 2.8 cm and my doctor told its less for this month. Asked to check next week also. Can you advise what is wrong with and why the cervix length is less. It happens to be between 4-4.5 cm this week it seems.


Less cervix length in pregnancy
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    The process of cervical shortening begins with dilatation of the internal os leading to funneling and progressive shortening of the CL. Although some degree of cervical shortening may be explained by normal biologic variance, it is likely that most cases of cervical shortening result from pathologic processes such as inflammation, hemorrhage, premature uterine contraction, or uterine overdistension. In women at high risk for spontaneous PTB, average CL measurements are 36.7 mm at 15 weeks, 35.7 mm at 20 weeks. The risk of spontaneous PTB increases as CL decreases. CL : cervical length. PTB: preterm birth

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