How to delay periods.

I have my last period on 23 dec and I had an unprotected sex with fiance on 6 January and

I had pill within an hour and after pill I had protected sex sudden after 30 min of pill and

then due to some reason when my period date comes I want to delay it so

I took cycle one of mine do suggest me cycle to delay periods and now

yesterday 30th Jan my period comes but its very light only spotting 1.

Can u please tell, am I pregnant?

How to delay  periods.
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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the query,
    The bleeding that you are experiencing is the withdrawal bleed following an Ipill intake which ideally arrives in next 7-10 days post emergency contraceptive pill intake. Now once this has started, it would not be possible to stop it completely as endometrium is being shed now. But this indirect indicates that you are pregnancy safe.