Leg pain – 8 week of pregnancy also had a miscarriage last year . Please help ?

Hi I had miscarriage last year in September.i have concieved again.its my 8 th week going on and from last 2 days I have full leg pain.i am taking susten 300 once a day,ecospirin n duphaston 10 mg twice a day.plz help in leg pain


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  1. Good evening Shyana.Thanks for consultation.
    1.While walking or standing wrap crepe bandage from ankle upto knees on both legs.
    2.While sitting keep your feet on a stool.
    3.Don't travel too much.
    4.Take rest.
    5.You can take Cap.Evion 200mgm Twice daily x 1 wk in consultation with your doctor.
    6.If you are not taking folic acid start taking Tab.Folvite 1 tab daily.
    Pl.let me know your height,weight and occupation
    Best wishes.
  2. User
    Hi doc
    My height is 5.2 n weight is 55.
    I have started evion LC from yesterday once a day n already taking folivate twice a day. Can I get light massage done.?
  3. Good evening Shayna.Your BMI is o.k.
    You can apply voveron gel on legs but don't massage oil or anything on abdomen.
  4. Best wishes.
  5. User
    Thanks dr pradeep for help.
  6. You are welcome.