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    There are few questions regarding the left sided abdominal pain?
    Is it a continous sharp pain or crampy,dull aching or intermittent type ?
    Is it aggravating on taking food or without food?
    Is it associated with vomiting or not?
    is it associated with fever or not
    Is it radiating to any other side of body or localised to particular site?
    Well there can be different causes for the left sided abdomial pain
    1.Due to dehydration which leads to kidney stones,
    2.Constipation which leads to continous constraining pain
    3.Urinary tract infection
    4.Bowel related conditions like crohn's diseases or ulcerative colitis
    1.Make some dietary changes eat balance fibre rich diet , fruits and salad
    2.Drink plenty water at eight glasses daily
    3.Make some changes in life style adequate sleep, exercise
    4 If there any kind of serious thing like blood in vomiting .or during micturation or in stool ,no bowel movements
    Go for USG ,X RAY of abdomen in erect posture,C.B.C,urine routine and culture ,stool culture for evidence of bacterial ,viral,and parasitic infections