Left lateral ventriculomegaly in scan. Advise

Hello¬†Doctor, Hope you are doing Good. I am carrying 22 weeks, I had a Ultrasound scan it showing “left lateral ventriculomegaly 8.9 mm”. Doctor suggested us to wait for 4 weeks again do Ultrasound. Is that any treatment for this. We are worrying about baby please any advice. Thanks!!

Left lateral ventriculomegaly in scan. Advise
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  1. Hello and I understand your anxiety.From the points shared by you it seems that your baby seems to be having mild/borderline ventriculomegaly.Many fetuses with mild ventriculomegaly have a normal outcome but few may have congenital anomalies.The prognosis will depend on the cause and associated anomalies.I suggest you not to worry and have patience.Wait for 4 weeks and get the scan repeated.Keep me posted on the scan results. Wish you best luck!Good day!