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    I can understand your concern and stones of size 5 to 6 mm can usually pass without any intervention.So just don't worry and drink plenty of fluids and keep monitoring it.

    General precautions for stones:
    1. Drink lot of fluids (keep urine clolorless & urine volume per 24 hr > 1.5 to 2 liters)
    2. Reduce salt intake
    3. Reduce intake of animal proteins
    These three things are universal for any kidney stone.
    If you are taking calcium supplements for bone health, try taking calcium citrate preparation since citrate prevent stone formation. Take calcium supplements along with meals and not in empty stomach. Milk and milk containing products must also be taken along with meals to prevent excessive calcium absorption which can promote stones. However, regular milk/calcium supplement is required.
    Other things you should follow are:
    - Increase fruit intake (except grapes)
    - Decrease coffee, tea, soft drinks, nuts and chocolate..

    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!