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    I can understand your concern and you can go for it as your refractive error is now stabilised.

    Advantages of LASIK surgery:

    ► The LASIK technique takes less than 30 minutes to perform and is very effective.

    ► The technical advancements incorporated in the LASIK technique eliminates the clinically significant risks leading to visual impairment after a refractive surgery.

    ► Most surveys show that 92-98% of people who undergo the surgery are satisfied with the results.

    Disadvantages of LASIK surgery:

    ► The LASIK surgery, done on the most sensitive part of the eye and is not reversible.

    ► Even after a LASIK surgery, a person may require reading glasses during midlife.

    ► The surgery is usually not covered by insurance policies.

    ► Additional surgery or ' enhancement' may be required to enjoy the best possible result of a LASIK.

    Lasik Surgery Risks / Risks of Lasik Surgery

    Lasik surgery is an effective procedure where most patients are satisfied with their vision following the procedure. But getting a surgery does come with some risk. Before getting a surgery, you need to be aware of potentials risk and complications. After getting a surgery your results may not be permanent. You might still have difficulty in seeing at night and results in worse vision where you still need to wear glasses or contact lenses. In some cases, most people experience dryness in the eyes immediately after the surgery due to temporary decrease in tear production and causes eyes to reduce the quality of vision. It is necessary to consult your doctor before getting a Lasik surgery to prevent from all the risk.

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