lactose intolerance

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Can you please tell us is lactose intolerance  treatable or is it temporary. What is its treatment.  My daughter is 2.2 years old drinks lactogen ,eats curd and paneer biscuit. Can she have ice cream please reply. I have heard it’s life long. She had cow milk after that she had diarrhea and  she became lactose intolerant.

lactose intolerance

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    Lactose intolerance is of different types. If there is an enzyme missing in the child's body because of some genetic anomaly, that lactose intolerance is lifelong. She cannot consume milk or milk products throughout her life. But specific investigations have to be done to come at this diagnosis. A temporary lactose intolerance occurs after diarrhorea. This lasts for about 2 weeks. So milk products to be avoided for this duration atleast.