Joints pain after delivery

I had c-section delivery 2 months back from now then I have joints pain after delivery. Pain in legs from knees to bottom. Sometimes knee pains a lot, it becomes too hard to sit for feeding my baby. I am unable to fold my knees. Doctor has given me multivitamins but I found nothing works on me. Please suggest me some remedy or diet to cure the pain.


Joints pain after delivery

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  1. Hi
    This is nothing but muscular pain or post delivery soreness in the muscles that persists for atleast 3 months.
    Are you taking any calcium? You need to have calcium supplements or calcium tablets.
    You should also start some mild exercises like normal walking, leg raises(30degrees)in lying position and side lying position.
    Include calcium and protein in your diet...curd, paneer, tofu, double toned milk sprouts etc.
    If the pain is still persisting thn u shoyld see a physiotherapist and she will be able to help you out easily and perfectly. Some pain relieving modalities are there which can be used by her like TENS, MOIST PACKs etc.