Jaw pain

Hello mam/sir, I’m having jaw pain. My jaw is paining suddely. I’m not able to eat food properly and don’t know what is the problem. In eveing when i have completed my running, i’m facing severe pain in my jaw. My left eye becomes red like little bit blood has come in to my left eye. I’m running sinceĀ 1 year but this happens first time. Please help!

Jaw pain

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  1. Hi Sameer,thank you for posting your query on medimetry.

    I have gone through your query and can understand your concern.

    Regarding redness in the eyes after exercising,there might be following possiblities:
    1.)Sweat can easily get into your eyes during exercise, causing them to sting. The sweat also inflames the eyes' blood vessels. 2.)Natural elements, such as allergens, wind and dust can also irritate your eyes and inflame the blood vessels when exercising outdoors.
    3.)Running require straining and cause momentary spikes in your heart rate. Then the strain and increase in blood flow builds up pressure in your head, which causes blood vessels to expand, including those in your eyes. If the pressure is too great, the tiny blood vessels in your eye can burst and make the white part of your eye appear red.

    For the treatment, after you have a rest, it will disappear, so you don't have to worry about it. You can also use Antihistaminic-Decongestant eye drops to reduce redness.It still redness is not relieved,then it would be advisable to consult an Ophthalmologist.

    Regarding complain of jaw pain.you might be suffering from inflammation in your temporo-mandibular joint region.
    You may find relief by taking Analgesic with Anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen.
    Do warm compresses in jaw region.Avoid eating head food and complete opening of your mouth.

    Hope this answers your question.Take care.