IVF unsuccessful twice, should I try again?

I am 31 year old married woman. My FSH level is 64. I tried 2 times, but IVF was unsuccessful. First time sac was there but no fetus. Second time negative. Should I take another chance or not? What would you suggest. Please guide, waiting eagerly for reply.


IVF unsuccessful twice, should I try again?
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  1. Ovarian reserve can be judged by various tests like D 3 FSH, ESTRADIOL, antral Follicle count and AMH levels on any day of cycle. Age and abnormal test results signify low ovarian reserve and poor egg quality reducing the success of IVF. FSH levels more than 15 by any method of testing has lower success rates hence IVF unsuccessful.

    Your age is 31 and we consider it young, I would suggest you to consult an infertility specialist and also check your other parameters of ovarian reserve like AFC, ESTRADIOL levels. If they are also abnormal, success for you having pregnancy would be less and may be better with donor. But if others are in normal range, repeat your FSH for confirmation as this level of 60 means premature menopause.