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    itching between legs can be due to ringworm infestation, neurodermatitis or LSA
    ringworm infestation is red colour,raised,itchy scaly lesion but if u have applied ointment like ringgaurd or clobetasol may lead to atrophy of skin and lesion may become white in colour
    neurodermatitis is again quite itchy in nature.. itching more at night.. darkness of skin with scaling present but if wrongly applied medicaments picture will change
    I advise you stop applying wrongly prescribed medicaments
    take tab atarax( 10 mg) daily at night for 5 days..this will reduce your itching
    send me pics of lesion after 5 days so that I can interpret better
    otherwise you will damage your skin
    review after 5 days
    plz be free to contact me for any queries