What is the treatment for breast cancer ?

Dear Ma’m My Friend is.sufferng from breast cancer.. she is only 20 year old and unmarried .. 3 days ago she has got heart attack and then she went to hosptal. Dr. Suggest for check up. After report she has breast cancer too. So plzz help me .. what is treatment ..or is this serious or not .??

breast cancer

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  1. Dear Rashid good afternoon.I didn't get you.You said 20 years old having heart attack and breast cancer too.Please whats app all the Imvestigation reports at Medi Metry with mention of attention Dr.Pradip.
  2. Let me know how the diagnosis of breast cancer made within 3 days in a patient with heart attack.Was biopsy,mammography CT Scan or MRI done.What was the ECG,Echocardiography reports.
  3. Dear Rashid , You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Pradip with this question.
    Thank you!