Is it safe to do exercise after c-section?

Hello doctor, my 28-year wife gone through child delivery via c-section on 23/09/16 and she is on breastfeeding her baby girl.

The problem is that she had gain fat on her stomach and want to lose it.

She is under no medication. So is it safe to do exercise after c-section ?

Is it safe to do exercise after c-section?

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  1. Hello Manjesh. Since your wife is breastfeeding, I would suggest not to do any exercise as of now. Gaining weight pregnancy is common. This deposited fat helps her in milk production. When she starts weaning the baby, and reduces her feeding frequency, she can go ahead with simple form of exercises at the beginning like simple walk, few yogic poses etc. Then later transit to other exercises as per her comfort. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.