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  1. Good evening Dhara.Amoxycillin is excreted through breast milk.Studies have been made on use of amoxycillin in pregnant mother and have show it does not have effect on unborn child.
    But not sufficient work has been done on breast fed babies whose
  2. Contd..mother is on amoxycillin.
    Since amoxycillin is excreted through urine.So it will obviously get excreted through babies urine as well which takes some time to get into normal functioning.
    Considering other option I don't think it will affect your baby much if taken for the period for which the medicine is usually prescribed.
    Best wishes.
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    My baby is four months and 22days old she hasn't started rolling from front to back or vice versa is it fine or what can I do to help her.
  4. Don't worry.Just help the baby to turn from side to side .