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  1. You have put a very difficult but relevant question cosidering the fact that more number of cases are recorded
  2. of PCOD.Since the subject needs detailed discussion I can give you the following obsevations.
    Studies shows that the corelation between LH and Insulin sensitivity suggests a complementary action in PCOS.
    Other studies show
    That Insulin Resistance and GD(Gonadotropin dissociation) do not appear to be related events in PCOS, suggesting that each one might be determined by different genetic disorders.However, IR can affect GD (gonadotrpin dissociation that is sex hormone release)after chronic stimulation in obese patients.
    The available literature indicates that insulin resistance and increased LH secretion are frequent features of PCOD.Both amplitude and frequecy of LH pulses are increased in PCOD.Exact cause of this abnormal LH secretion is not known.
    They could be either primary due to increased sensitivity of LH secretion to GnRH or secondary to effect of sex steroids on LH secretion.
    Presently some are suggesting dual-deffect hypothesis of PCOD.It is suggested that that disorder may be caused by a conjunction of two independent genetic defects one that produces elevated LH secretion and the other that produces insulin resistance.
    Hope I have been able to satisfy.
    The topic is bit difficult for a patient to understand.If you need further queries please feel free to write.One more thing are you having PCOD the pl.upload your reports.
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