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  1. Hi Deepali and welcome to Medimetry.What was your baby's birth weight?In first few days after birth babies lose weight and get back to their original weight by almost 10 days.In first 3 months a baby gains almost 140-200 gm per week.On an average an infant doubles weight by 5 months of age and triples by 1 year of age.I think your baby's weight gain to be appropriate if the birth weight was anywhere between 2.5-3 kg.Continue with Exclusive breast feeding till 6 months of age.Do not worry.You may take baby's weight after a month and share with us.Write back with more queries.Thank you and good day!
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    Thanks.. .My baby's birth weight was 3.2 kg..
  3. Hi Deepali nice to hear back from you.Continue with breast feeds.Give baby foremilk and hindmilk both.Foremilk satisfies baby's thirst and hindmilk satisfies baby's hunger.Foremilk mainly contains water while hindmilk is rich in fats which helps in weight gain.Empty one breast completely before attaching baby to another breast.This will ensure adequate weight gain in baby.Try doing this.Take baby's weight after a month or so.Please share baby's weight after a month with me.I hope this helps you.Take care and good day!