Irregular periods and vaginal pain.

hello Dr…my age is 20 years old.. I am having irregular periods from last 4-5 months..what is reason behind it please tell me..and also I am having pain in my vagina from yesterday , I don’t know why..and that pain become more during urination and also facing a problem of frequent urination from yesterday… please help me Dr.


Family Physician

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  1. Good afternoon and warm welcome to MediMetry.

    I understand your concern and would like to explain in brief about the same. Several factors can result in irregular periods that include stress, emotional issues, weight issues, changing hormonal conditions, PCOD,etc.
    I would suggest you to do a complete blood test and an Ultrasound of your Pelvic region to rule out any ovarian disease.

    Regarding your pain in the vagina, do explain to me in detail about when did it start, what exactly pains, any vaginal penetration, foul odour, itch etc. Do get back to me with the reports.

    Hope this helps.

    Live healthy.