Irregular periods

Usually while taking stress (for exams) I miss my period for one month and the next month it prolongs for 12 days (usually 5-6 days). But this time I am havingĀ irregular periods, it came up to 16 days and still continuing. Before exams started, I was 54 kg but gained weight due to overeating. I had a checkup last year for hormonal imbalance but all was normal.

Irregular periods
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  1. Hello,
    You need to get evaluated for PCOD, hypothyroidism and hyperprolactinemia which can be other common causes for delaying menses after pregnancy has been ruled out. In your case PCOD seems to be the likely cause with irregularity and weight gain.
    PCOD is polycystic ovarian disease which cause increase testosterone levels in women with androgenic features and multiple small cysts in ovaries. Its one of the most common reason for irregular menses, especially oligomenorrhoea. you have to be placed on low dose oc pills with myoinositol supplementation with reduction in weight with exercise and diet and increasing your daily water intake .All these for 3-6 months have been advocated for treatment of PCOD.