Irregular periods

Hi doctor, I’m having irregular periods. Last date was on 9th dec and after that had

intercourse on 21st jan and again on 27th and 28th jan. Did UPT test but result are negative

and now its been 66 days from last period tensed when will next cycle come.

Please tell what to do?

Irregular periods
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  1. Hello
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    Thanks for the query
    well, i would say that you had your first sex in the fertlile period that is on 23 January
    As per your last menstural cycle(9 December) your fertlile period was from 19 decemberto 24 december
    first i would suggest youbto get a beta HCG test done to ruke out the pregnancy
    The blood test carried out gives more confirmatory and accurate result even after the home urinary pregnancy test
    No matter whether the result of betaHcG is found to be positive or negative ,I would recommend you to get an ultrasound of pelvis done
    If the result of usg is negative than we can rule out the chances of PCOS.
    Hence if the pregnancy ruled out , then you can take tablet Meperate 10mg advised to get your periods for 5 days after 5 days withdrawal bleeding will start
    Take care