Irregular period after unprotected sex

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. After 2-3 minutes she took an unwanted 72 pill and then after sometime we had sex again with protection by wearing condom. But my girlfriend didn’t had her periods till date as her regular period was 4 days ago that is on 2nd Feb 2017. Its already a delay of 5 days in her periods so i am in a worry that she is pregnant or not?


Irregular period after unprotected sex
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    Well first of all i would like to ask when did you have your intercourse exact date of last coitus?
    As per your history your partner took ipill within two to three minutes so there might be minimal chances of pregnancy and so you need not to worry
    The chances of pregnancy is such cases are less than 5%
    The next period will be delayed by few days due to effect of harmonal contraceptive.
    Perform urine pregnacy test after a week with the early morning sample
    Revert back to me with the result of urine kit test
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