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  1. Thanks for writing to us.To disgnose PCOD USG alone is not sufficient.Certain other criterias are to fullfilled like hirsutism,Linea nigra that is blackening of skin of the nape of neck,obessity and altered blood level of hormones.
    Certain investigations are to be done before clinching the diagnosis.
    Get the following invesigations done .
    Blood for
    1)Serum Testosterone,DHEA.,
    2)Glycosalated haemoglobin,
    Serum Insulin level,Fasting and
  2. PPBS,
    Thyroid profile,SerumProlactin level,Anti Mullerian Hormone.
    Please do the invesigations done leaving those for which reports are pending.
    There are several conditions that might lead to irregular period.
    Let me know the following
    1.Present body wt and height.
    2.Abnormal hair growth on face or chest.
    3.Family history.
    4.At what age she had first period.
    6.Any history past illness.
    Send me the detailed report of USG .
    Get an USG done to check the both adrenal glands.
    Once the preliminary investigations are done please get back to me.
    In the meantime avoid tension and have a balanced diet and do some exercises.
    Best wishes.
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    Sir nothing like hirsutism and Linea nigra, No obesity, Thyroid profile is normal. Also No hair growth on face or chest, No past illness, Mother was suffering from irregular Menstrualcycle in past. Occupation PG student at Unv. Sir this is all about me. I will perform above advised All Tests. I will write complete USG Report sir
  4. User
    My body wt. Is 68kg, height 5ft-8'inch
  5. Who is the patient?
  6. Pl.send the patient's details.