Irregular menstrual cycle.

Hi Doctor I’m 22years old. I’m having irregular menstrual cycle. I missed periods for 2 months then after this my periods has started in August this periods lasts for 23days after i took medicines for it named trexamec. it’s just 10-12days my periods has stopped with the help of medicines but now from yesterday i started bleeding again it was less then it suddenly stopped in a day time, but just a moment before i started bleeding again. What is happening? It has happened when i was 17 that time i missed my periods for 3 months and after that it starts bleeding which was lasting for 23days as well. I went to gynaecologist she suggested me to take a pcos & thyroid tests i did. It was normal. But now I’m still facing this.

Irregular menstrual cycle.
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    It may be due to hormonal issue. Plz let know which test you have done so that i can suggest you better.As you should have test like serum prolactin , serum amh and ultrasound pelvis.
    Do revert back.