Irregular heart beat.

Hello doctor,

I am 42 years old male and my weight is weight 88 kg.

I’m having irregular heart beat problem, my heart beat vary from 70 -103 /mt, in-spite of taking medicine Telvas AM and Ecosprin AV -75 regularly.  I was diagnosed and put on medicine by doctor. Please diagnose me  and suggest me if  I need to take another medicine. My BP is 90-95/120-125.


Irregular heart beat.
Family Physician

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  1. Hi,
    welcome to medimetry.
    Since the details you have given are insufficient,its difficult to interprete as you haven't mentioned about the diagosis,you are diagnosed to have what?

    As,TELVAS can be used for hypertension,Heart failure,Heart attack,Diabetic nephropathy.

    So kindly mention about your diagnosis.

    Moreover,How you infer that you have irregular heart rate?

    were you examined by any clinician? and said to have irregular heart rate.

    Normal heart rate for adult human is 60 to 100 per minute and normal bp is 100 -140/60-90 mm Hg.

    so kindly reply about the diagnosis.

    Thank you