Irregular baby movements in 9th month of pregnancy.

Hello doctor, I am 9 months pregnant. My baby sometimes moves a lot and sometimes I don’t feel his movement. Is it normal or something wrong. What can I do to make him move please reply soon. Want to know about irregular baby movements.


Irregular baby movements in 9th month of pregnancy.
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    Majority of the pregnant women experience fetal movements from 18 to 24 weeks. If you are not able to feel them the reasons can be either inexperience as in first pregnancy, obesity, hypothyroidism, swelling, excessive liquor, wrong dates or fetal demise being the worst.
    Best Time to check for fetal movements is after 3 major meals. Try to count the movements 1 hr post meals three times a day. If count is less than 10, confirm fetal well being on Ultrasound. Visit your doctor and find out the cause.

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